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Razordisc is a fast passed futuristic game set on a dystopian Earth. Two teams enter combat pitting strategy, skill and luck against the enemy. The aim of the game is to win through martial prowess or score points in the end zones. Either way wins games, how will you win yours?

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How It Works

Design your team and tailor it to your play style!

What team will you assemble?

The Blunts, juggernauts of the Arena who bring swift carnage to all who stand in their path?

The Razors, the showmen of the arena who match style with danger?

The Slicks, the fastest and most agile of the team; players who rule at the scoring game? 

Or will you  bring something else? A bike, a wall, a cybernetic temple dog? You choose!

Combine your players and create a team that matches your playstyle!

Looking to the Future

The game design is all but done with a few tweaks needed. 

Next for us is the 3D design of the minatures ready for a winter launch 2018.


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Contact Us

Simon Jackson: Game Director

Chris Broomfield:  Art Director 

Andy Barnes: I.T. Director

Artwork by JB Fuller, Tano Bonfanti and Herman Charles Serrano!

Team development by Ben Washington