American national team


American 'Freedom Eagles'

America found itself in a vulnerable position in the last war. Over stretched protecting other countries, it left itself weak and open to its own destruction. With a swift demise, America shook the world with its collapse with an estimated 70% loss of its total population. What has since amazed the world is the way the country unified and strengthened post war and again pushed itself to become one of the major super powers.   

The American All Stars are one of the most polished and patriotic teams in current Razordisc. Unlike most teams within Razordisc, the politics and internal feuds are well publicised in the ‘AAS’ and disputes often follow from the changing rooms into the arena. Even with this reputation, the team are no doubt one of the best in the league.      

American 'Freedom Eagles'

Ryno (Blunt)   

A towering hulk of a man over seven feet tall with skin as dark as night, Ryno makes for an intimidating figure. His helmet is designed to represent the extinct rhinoceros with a horn at the top. Ryno is known for lowering his head and charging horn first in his signature attack ‘the head splitter.’ Ryno was a standout athlete in various college sports but was disqualified for being too rough. Razordisc seems a perfect fit for him.     

Buck (Blunt)   

Buck has been in the game longer than most and spends his off time hunting big game around the world. Early in his career, the hunter lost an arm while hunting down an alleged man-eating tiger. Returning home he was fitted for a cybernetic replacement which he named ‘Ruby’ after his dog who died defending him. In the first few years with the arm he struggled to regain his prowess; but since then he has become one of the most effective Blunts in the game.

Broken Paw (Blunt)   

Resident ritualist and Native American, Broken Paw can be seen casting runes and bones before big games. A quiet man, Broken Paw moves with power and precision and plays the game like he already knows its outcome. Though some question the logic of his spirituality, none can question his gameplay.     

Usher & Tyrel Walton (Razor & Slick)

A pair of extremely talented brothers; Usher specializes more with swordplay while Tyrel relies on his speed. Usher, the Razor of the pair, is the elder by four years and cast long shadows over his brother as they grew up. Tyrel, the Slick; still carries a chip on his shoulder for being underestimated and overlooked in favor of his brother. Together, they work in a dangerous tandem of steel and speed.       

James Williams ‘Preacher’ (Slick)   Joining the league ‘to do God’s work’, James has established himself as one of the strongest Slick in the game. In addition to being an effective goal scorer, Preacher is also one of the first on the scene when a player falls in the field; praying over them and ‘guiding their soul to God.’       

Billy ‘Skull’ Baum (Razor)   

Named for the skull painted on his helm, Skull is as deadly a Razor as they come. A bit undersized, he is one of the smallest players at the position. Billy wields the curved blade of his scimitar as an extension of his arm; preferring to decapitate his opponents when the opportunity arises. With twelve fatalities in his twenty games, he’s certainly made some heads roll.       

Greg ‘Havoc’ Harding (Special)   Controversial for his use of a demilitarized exo-skeleton, Havoc has earned his name through the aftermath of his presence. Havoc has fast become one of the most feared players in the sport, boasting an impressive fatality count of thirty-seven in just thirty games. His exoskeleton gives him the added advantage of being able to stand toe-to-toe with Walls; making hardened obstacles essentially ineffective against him.     

Sonya Morris (Razor)   

A popular and competitive athlete for most of her life, she was caught in a shameful scandal that stunned America. The fall from her height of fame shattered her mind and turned her to a hard life of difficult choices leading to a series of murders. Avoiding the death penalty under reasons of insanity, she was instead given an alternative to life in prison; Razorball. Her skills on field have led to a resurgence in her popularity and a more positive frame of mind. Still murderous mind you, but more positive.

Willie Sims (Slick)   

Born in extreme poverty, Willie grew up on the streets. With the impoverished state of the nation fighting over scraps of food was commonplace. Willie survived through his ability to slip out of dangerous situations. More agile than fast; he has a tendency to bob and weave his way to goal after goal.