British Teams


The Britannia’s Brave-Hearts

Surviving the fall better than that of a lot of its Europa cousins, The United Kingdoms retained some power infrastructure, allowing them to weather the storm a little better than most. Divided into power houses of industry and commerce. Ranging from the North Sea scavengers and reclemators of North Shore 7, The agricultural plantations of the Highland Commission, to the Industrial might of the Sheffield United Workers Alliance and the roaming nomads of the southern isles.

The United Kingdoms Razordisc team is a ragtag mix of  the four nations pride.

From the shanty Cornish to the stoic Highlanders, all English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish players have forgotten past rivalry and form one of the most cohesive and patriotic teams in the RDL (Razordisc League)

Sir Arthur StGeorge: Blunt

A truly Nobel man who’s involvement in community work is endless fundraising for the sick and underprivileged. Often mistaken for an aggressive man due to his size, George is as mild as he is huge. That said, the moment he enters the arena, George uses every inch of his fibre to hurt, maim and kill if required. A true oxymoron in the world of Razordisk.

Claymore: Blunt

With a thick Scottish accent, this Highlander is the embodiment of the Celt warriors of old. Often taking to the arena in his kilt, this Blunt is as much a showman as any Razor. Named after his weapon of choice, Claymore maybe slow but only the foolish go toe to toe with this berserker.

Big Ben: Wall

Big Ben was created 52 years ago to assist with NS7’s large bulk salvage’s. Standing 9’8" and 370lbs, he may not be the biggest of Walls but has the stamina of two. His birth name was VW521 (viable wall 521)  but was affectionately name Big Ben after the submerged Great Bell in the clock Westminster palace, London. Ben is quite the shy and retiring type and takes no part in the spectacle outside the arena. He sees his team as family and although a dysfunctional group of individuals, would gladly lay down his life to protect them.

Kill Patrick: Slick

Kill Patrick is as boisterous in game as he is out. Often mocking his opponents to cause frustration, he catches them off guard to either slip by or smash with the Halo. Never taking it too seriously, this Slick will luck out eventually but until then, let the fun continue!

Gwydion ‘The Wolf’ Razor

With his long hair and unkempt appearance, this mutt-blood looks the very part of a fabled lycanthrope. With hygiene being a lesser priority, he’s not regarded as a clean cut hero and has taken the role of team villain. Loving this reputation, Gwydion uses this to gain more notoriety both in the arena and out. It would seem lots are afraid of the big bad wolf..

Gizzard puke: Slick

Gizzard Puke is the English wild card. Styled on the historic punk movement, this self confessed anarchist is not everyone’s cup of tea. Often the most unpredictable player, he takes the fight to the Blunts, races the Slicks and tries to out show the Razors. Some encounters end better than others but he’s really popular with the RDL fans and will be missed if he misjudges the wrong opponent.

Guinevere: Slick

The perfect example of athletic beauty, Guinevere uses both to catch her opponent off-guard. She is instantly recognisable when entering the arena and few men or women really want to hurt her. Their first mistake is to think they would have a chance to woo this Slick outside Razordisc. Their second is to think she would offer less than total commitment to take them out. Voted the most beautiful female player in the RDL, she has never dated another player keeping work and pleasure very separate. 

Simon ‘The Lionheart’ Razor

The brother of Horsewood, Lionheart is the older and more experienced of the two. Taking no part in his brothers vanity, Simon prefers the reverence of war. Serious, calculated and wise, Simon wins the hearts, not desires of his fans. 

Horsewood: Razor

The warrior poet, Horsewood was always meant to be in the arena. Flamboyant as he is lethal, this razor plays to the crowds. Known for his style, he seldom finishes a match with a mark on him. It’s said that Horsewood would feel more pain from a torn tabard than a broken limb, something he acknowledges to be close to the truth. 

Cu Chulainn: Blunt

Combat is this Blunts way of life. Continuing his ancestors path, bareknuckle fights began at the age of five and Cu Chulainn soon found a love for this sport. Taking on children four to five years older in the ring, this boy soon developed into a man with a warriors spirit. Leaving the Emerald Isle, he ventured around the new world paying his way with his fists. Returning home and recognised for his prowess in battle, the Brave-Hearts coach was soon to sign him up and excusing the excessive alcohol consumption, has made quite a name for himself in the RDL.