Dead Sea Teams

The Grim Brothers: Colgrim, Baldulf, Cheldric

Canto's 7

Born of the bitter rivalry Morgan and Modded have for the Brave hearts, this team is spite personified. If you draw this team in the heats, best to forfeit and take the loss as they will let nothing get in their way of destroying the Brave hearts and Sir Arthur StGeorge


Captain of the team, she is a brilliant tactician, and her strategies are said by some to be pure magic. Able to predict the plays of others before they themselves know what they are planning. Rumours abound about her relationship with Modded, from complicated trist to all out illegal familial ties. Either may or may not be true, but if she hears mention of it, someone is hitting the deck. Numerous reportes have been hospitalised for even alluding to the relationship. 

Modded Redd

Takes any and all upgrades he can get his hands on, currently running a rig and scrubbers, twitch suit and stims, but he is always on the lookout for more enhancements, legal or not. Hates St’ George of the Brave Hearts with a passion, so far it has been many seasons since they have entered the same arena, but last time, it was a miracle that both left the arena alive. 

Rython of Castilia

A man of formidable size. Non could deny this successful gene therapy specimen  is an imposing sight to behold. A quiet man of few words, he writes symphonies in the arena in blood and pain, he has been fined many times for the extra clean up needed after a match. Famous for his tabard of victory; made from the fallen colours of his opponents 


Deceptively fast and light on his feet for this massive Blunt. His full beard and long hair are often matted and dripping with the vital fluids of his adversaries. Reports have begun to circle that Frollo has spent time in psychiatric care and was only parolled to the Razor disc arena to lower the cost of his care. 

Colgrim, Baldulf, Cheldric

There aren't any other Brothers in the game Grimmer than this trio. Dead Sea Drifters from some of the meanest stock on the blue plains. Faster than Cholera and thrice as deadly.