German national team

Deutschland Dragons (Clone Corp) 

Jonas Krause (variable) Jonas is the finest Razordisc player Germany has ever produced. Looking to replicate his prowess the Germans used him as a DNA source for the clones that grew and trained to become his teammates. An old man now by league standards; Jonas still finds a way to get an edge over his opponents. His clone teammates are all younger versions of himself but they lack the one thing that makes him better than them all. Experience.      

Clones DNA sourced from the Dragon’s greatest player, the clones resemble young versions of Jonas Krause. Raised to physical maturity in only a few months, their mental growth lags seriously behind. The clones undergo training for at least six months before they are considered acceptable to field. The rest of the league view them as soulless and show little mercy during engagement. Even their teammate and ‘father’ admits that they are “a little creepy.”