Solar Warlords


Ayo Simosola


Leader of the Solar Warlords, she is the Alpha in the pack. Senior in years to both Onye and Eun, by over a decade she has proven time and time again her claws are just as sharp as they were when she first entered the Arena. Born in Port Elizabeth to a wild pack, she wanted more for her family, she moved out of the legendary ghost town and set off for glory. Playing for family and community has taken her all the way to the top leagues on the Zanshin Coast, but accusations of game throwing saw her and her team disqualified, she was relegated to the little leagues and the relative safety of her community was put in jeopardy. She has gathered together a new team, they  forged a name for themselves in the small cup games and now they have their sights on the big prize, Corporate Sponsorship Leagues.

Onyekachi & Eun-Jung Nwanneka

Fast and deadly, she and her sister make a formidable pairing. Onyekachi has the un-enviable record of having received the most stitches post game than any player has ever recieved, without a post mortem. 

Smaller than her sister, but no less aggressive. Eun-Jung completes the pack defence of the Warlords. 

Rama Vien

Sharp and insanely fast, Rama is a the epitome of a razor. And with that come an ego that would dwarf even Brave Hearts Big Ben.

Maryamu Hang

An enigma in the game, Maryamu has never been seen in or out of the ring without her team mask on. Speculation persists around the reason for this, from hideous scaring to vanity and privacy. None have been denied or confirmed, but what is undeniable is the speed and precision she brings to the game. Her deadly dual knives have cut short many hopeful careers, to date she holds the record for most players retired in one season.

Javed Arthit

Nowhere near as elegant as Itoro, Javed has all the speed, some would say he is even faster. But what is without question is Javed’s eye is unsurpassed in accuracy. In his last game in the lower leagues, the crowds were dazzled with a blistering fast series of scoring throws, racking up an impressive 6 points in the first quarter.

Itoro Chiumbo

Itoro could have been a world class dancer, the poise and beauty with which he effortly evades and moves around the arena, second to none. Not known for his accuracy, his passing scores are in the bottom percentile, he more than makes up for it in sheer agility and hard scoring prowess.