The war

History of Razordisc  

Excerpt from Rasmus D Jonasson’s personal file recovered archive 29475638/5  

‘NASA got it wrong, very wrong. Prediction of a near earth object colliding with the Earth were … off. Way off. They had said all Near Earth Objects were constantly tracked and we were in no danger from any current NEOs. What they totally missed was a rogue planet, much larger than any asteroid or meteor they were tracking, and they missed it.  Luckily it missed us too, as that would have been lights out, goodnight vienna, we would have been no more. Wouldn't have made any difference mind, what the hell we do about a planet?  Through science and other things which I don't understand fully, the gravitational forces of the solar system and our planet, caught the NEO and slowed its progress through the universe enough for it to fall into a stable orbit around our sun, just inside the goldilocks zone. It's possibly habitable, but that was the last thing on our minds way back then.  The near miss, while not a planet killing collision, was catastrophic, the earth shook, in biblical magnitudes. The entire planet was pulled off its axis and the whole face of the world changed, almost over night.  Tsunamis, floods, tectonic shifts, climate change, were all active at the same time re-writing the cartography of the planet forever. The poles ended up in places historically much warmer, the equator scorched a new course across the globe and the seas parted to reveal new lands, some of which have been much written about.  This dramatic and cataclysmic era of our history lead to mass migrations, huge famines and wars. People, governments, mercenaries and heroes fought for their lives and those of their people. Moving from the inhospitable and lost areas of the world to somewhere more inviting. This mass migration of course was not welcomed by those being invaded. 

Wars were inevitable, luckily these never reached nuclear levels, mainly as many government were fighting homeland uproar and civil unrest.  The nuclear joker was played by nature, the extreme flooding and earthquakes sunk or destroyed most of the reactors, putting nuclear waste and fallout on the shopping list of doom.  We came oh so close to our final swan song, but luckily for you and I it never happened. We fought back and now we have something akin to civilisation again. 

Yes it is true that there are parts of the world still in turmoil and yes it is true there are places that would be disastrous to our well being. But on the whole life is beginning to return to the way it was before.  

Governments have changed, new powers have taken control, others have lost their hold on the reigns. But for the most part we are climbing back. Gossip says that the corporate run ‘fiefdoms’ that now populate most of the civilised world are much worse than the central government we had before. I can't give you an answer to that, I wasn't around to remember the good old days, but I remember the political decades of turmoil and strife, growing up not knowing where my next meal was coming from, or if there even was going to be a tomorrow.  I know now that things are better than they were, and I’m good with that.’  Now: 2266 Life on planet earth has regained some of its previous civility. There are governments and protectorates, sovereignties and communities that work for the betterment of their people, or at least some of them. After the devastation of the last 100 years, titanic global changing events and wars. Most governments have agreed to work peacefully together and an uneasy peace has formed. Population of the planet had reach astronomical level, records say in excess of 20 billion, That number is much less now, over half of the population were lost in the planetary wide seismic events and polar shifts, famine, disease and conflicts  finished of another third. With the much reduced population of the planet, it was believed that more wars would have tipped the extinction scales irreversibly to our doom.  Those that could agree, settled on this peace for the longevity of mankind, and for a hope of a future.  Conflict and civil tensions still plagued our fractus species, and in their wisdom the games were introduced. Like the Circus of old, national pride was instilled in the fighting and racing in the colosseums.   Most disputes were now settled in the arenas of the new world. A few would risk it all for the glory and adulation of the crowd, if not for the international peace and civility between nations or rival districts.  Wealthy nations and corporations spend small fortunes equipping and training their teams. Aggressive companies and governments use these hyper funded teams to openly settle their disputes and conflicts, in the public eye. Gaining support from their fans, political and sports.  With such large sums of money being used In the upper escalons of the game, naturally the competition for recognition and entrance he the hyper leagues is fierce. Lower level leagues range from professional regional teams, to self funded rural hopefuls. The drive and passion cannot be denied, even if equipment and safety are definitely lacking.   Winning a regional championship, might get you noticed by the hyper leagues, and once there you, your kin and possibly your community will want for nothing.   Winning is everything.


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