National Japanese Team


Oni-Corp Assassins

With Japan’s economic growth surpassing many other larger counties, it was held as one of the worlds up and coming superpowers just before the fall. Unfortunatley, not even its vast wealth and military power could assist with the catastrophic events of 2126. Only once before has Japan felt the full force of nature in the ‘Great Kanto Earthquake 1923’ killing over 100’00 people. Now 200 years later, Japan was to feel the full wrath of nature losing half of the country to the sea. Crushed by the ‘Ring of fire’s tectonic plate, the landmass folded upon itself and only northern Japan remained above sea level. With only a couple week’s notice as the poles shifted, the devastation to the country, population and infrastructure was immense with little time to prepare. The country with no hope, called martial law and looked to survive best it could.  Civil war broke out almost immediately as the nation divided both physically and ethically. Those in the north prepared for a mass invasion from southern Japan as the very survival of its people rested on ownership of dry land. The commanders of Japan’s military took to the air and sea heading east to find a larger land mass to settle and take stock of the world. Without the military to protect the innocent, anarchy ensued. Initially law enforcement tried to keep some form of control but with such devastation, the population fell apart. Small pockets of resistance fortified the north holding strong to dwindling castles and old feudal keeps. Without shelter or support, the southern Japanese faltered, starved and drown. Holding on the best they could, Northern Japan prepared for the next invasion. Over the next 20 years, Japan was invaded numerous times but with little in the way of resources, was not viewed as a high priority for scavenging countries. It was long enough for the country to establish itself once again and build from a broken empire. The criminal families started to regain control and this led the way for Japan regaining some form of order albeit under the supervision of the most influential criminal family. Yamaguchi-gumi was the most powerful criminal Japanese family and head of the Yakuza.  Wanting to regain respect from the outside world, they took a governmental position and named themselves Oni-Corp.  With the population slowly regaining strength, research was focused on reinforced environmental suits to endure the harsh environments. Over many years the radioactivity of Japan has lowered meaning the need for this technology is all but redundant. This did not make the research obsolete as the focus shifted to battle suits to protect the population from global threats. Keen to participate in any global activities and prove its renewed strength, Japan also pledged to build and support a national Razordisc team and so the Oni-Corp team was born. Using similar technology to the battle suits, chemical harnesses and fitted to each player that constantly provide stimulants, healing infusions and pain relief to their host. Oni-Corp players are informally referred to as ‘stimmer’s’ which is an accurate description of the team.  The typical life span of a ‘Stimmer’ is around 40 years due to the harsh and sustained damage the drugs do to their bodies. The player almost burns out towards the end of this period often resulting in cerebral haemorrhages or cardiac infarctions.  This does not put off the Japanese who have firmly adopted Razordisc. Players are held in high esteem often lavished with fame, fortune and women.

Oni-Corp Assassins


Oniko, ‘the Dragon’ (Blunt)  

A veteran of the team for fifteen years, Oniko refuses to wear the drug-inducing suits of his teammates. Instead he relies on sharpened reflexes and natural instinct. His refusal to wear the suits has led to serious injuries over the years and experts believe he is playing on borrowed time.      

Matsu (Razor)   

One of the most flamboyant players, Matsu has established himself as an excellent Razor and showman at just twenty-four years of age. Astonishing viewers and experts with a fatality count of fifty-four (among other records) at such a young age, he has long been a fan-favorite. He has Force-Retired more players than any player in Oni-Corp History.     

Katana (Razor)   

Named for her weapon of choice, Katana has carved a bloody name for herself. Through her expert swordsmanship, Katana has achieved twenty fatalities in just fifteen games. Her aggressive and deadly playstyle has established her as one of the most dangerous Razordisc players still in the game.     

Shinobi  (Slick)   

An athlete with of considerable experience,  has defied all odds simply by surviving the game for so long. He is the oldest Oni-Corp player in the game, and is considered by many to be the greatest Slick in the history of Razordisc. Despite this, he is often uncelebrated because of his dirty practices and has earned the ire of the league. He goes by the moniker ‘Black Joker’ as a nonchalant nod to the league’s concerns. Time is ticking away quickly for this Slick as his body is showing signs of burnout due to his Omega harness. 

Akito, (Slick)   

Considered a bit of a dark stain on the team’s honor, Akito sets a fast and furious pace in his life both on and off the field. In the game of Razordisc he is an elusive and effective goal scorer; in the outside world he is a world class party animal like one of the ancient legends of the rock stars. More than any other athlete, Akito seems to have the most fun with the sport.       

Ichiko ‘the Rising Sun’ (Razor)   

Ever since discovering the sport as a teen, Ichiko has dreamed of playing Razordisc. Lithe in frame and form, she is almost entrancing in her swordplay. The grace with which she moves has been known to mesmerize opponents to their folly, it has been likened to staring into the beauty of the rising sun. Four of her twelve fatalities succumbed to her hypnotic dance of death.     

Sakura (Slick)   

Sakura has a tendency to outmaneuver any opponent she finds herself up against. Whether it’s through her nimble legwork or her lighting speed; Sakura finds a way to breeze past her opposition on her way to the goal time and time again.      

Yasuhiro ‘the Volcano’ (Blunt)   

One of the more intimidating Blunts, Yasuhiro is a hulking wall of muscle standing nearly seven feet tall who towers over his teammates. He has retired more than a few slicks and razors over the years through his aggressiveness. His size and sudden bursts of aggression have earned him the nickname, ‘the Volcano.’ If you meet him on the field, you’d better hope he doesn’t erupt.     

Hitomi Yamaguchi (Blunt)     

Hitomi is a nephew of the oyabun, the head of the Yakuza. Afforded no lack of privileges growing up, Noriaki was trained for the sport as soon as the interest captured him. He plays with an arrogant nose-first style that catches opponents off guard and knocks them to the ground.    

Umeko Tanaka   (Special - bike)   

Raised the daughter of a self-described ‘motor head,’ Umeko was working on engines and testing vehicles from a young age. Her home-built plasmacycle is her pride and joy; something that she has ridden and testing innumerable times. She has tweaked and modified and developed her bike over the years until it has become synonymous with death. The roar of her approaching plasmacycle is known to increase heartrate in her opponents and she serves as the teams ‘Special’.