The razordisc league has three levels, amateur, semi-professional and professional.

Low leagues are some of the most dangerous games played. Unskilled, ill equipped and desperate people play in this league to make a name for themselves. Most of the time the individual players are more interested in being spotted for talent that working as a team leading to not only the loss of a game but potential fatalities. 

Those who despite these setbacks, have something special to give, are selected by Razordisc Judicators for League selection. More often players are selected individually rather than a whole team but it has been known for all nine players to go through for selection. 

The process to move to the semi-professional league is quite simple. Nine of the selected spend seven days training with each other. On the seventh day they go head to head with a senior semi-pro team. The aim of the match is simple, survive, score at least once for a Slick, take an opponent down for a blunt and either score or takedown for a Razor. Winning is not even considered at this point, getting through the match and doing one of the above is enough to claim this semi-professional title.

Those that fail, if able, re-join the lower league’s again but seldom does a player get selected twice. There’s  approximately 1600 teams in this league worldwide, all competing for their 15 minutes of fame.

Outside the official RDL, run smaller independent leagues. Although unofficial, they can be an easy way for teams to gain additional funding and equipment. That said, these black leagues are often far more brutal with questionable sponsors taking little responsibility for maimed players.

Walls are not expected to compete in this way, their size and breeding is proof enough of their ability.

The lower league is also rife with enhanced humans. Although an edge in game, the semi-pro teams take enjoyment in running these special players into the ground making their passage between leagues harder than the standard human.

Semi-pro league.

Corporate sponsorship and fame start to quickly bestow on those in the middle leagues. Players soon fall into teams as Razordisc becomes their life. Skills, equipment and money start to reward those chosen and now the real hard work starts as teams enter open championships four times a year. These are official tournaments that rank the teams in order through playoffs. 

There is 600 teams in the middle league, no more, no less. When a team moves from the lower league to join  the Semi-pro’s, obviously one team needs to move also to keep the total as 600. More often its a team taken to retirement through choice or injury but very occasionally, a team moves up to the upper professional leagues.

The Upper League (Professional)

Only the most experienced, seasoned and gifted players hold an position in the professional league. Teams have often played together for years developing their symbiotic tactics and define the meaning of teamwork. Their equipment is the best money can buy from the cutting edge of technology. Fame and fortune is common place and within no time these teams detach from the woes of the world. 

There are only 60 teams that make the Professional league and rivalry is immense. Feuds are common and grudge matches bring millions together to watch world wide. Often used as political pawns, countries informally settle issues through these teams with an unspoken honour existing globally for such events. 

Oni-Corp and Clone-Corp both have teams within the Upper RDL and provide the majority of sponsorship to teams at this level. Those teams that are able to compete with the corporations tend to be of a national level.

Within every major country you will find at least one RDL arena. These are all connected to each other as teams come together to compete. Some of the major RDL arena’s can be found in Great Washington Republic, The Empire of Japan, The United Kingdoms, Kritocracy of Ancient Mu and Sahelia Nova.