Short stories



2138 AD Birth of the War-enabled Artificial Lifeform experiment (WALL) War-enabled Artificial Lifeform 

During the last few years of the War, gene augmentation took a radical turn. Rather than enhance the human body, the Russians mixed different species DNA hoping for a more effective result than the typical super soldiers. Known as the W.A.L project, larger formidable soldiers were being dropped behind enemy lines and changing the tide of many battles. Retired from War, these Goliath's were put to work in the harshest conditions where radioactivity and environments would kill a normal human.  Although not the most graceful players, the WALL's soon found their place within Razordisc and now play the role of the Titans of the arena.

2196 AD WALL Series 1.8  The WALL has been modified under continuous experimental splicing using a variety of DNA from different animals. The Primatus WALL was created in 2196 AD after successful splicing with Hominoidea DNA. Bringing increased strength from the Great Ape family not only increased the subjects muscle mass but also an increase in raw intelligence.  One unfortunate side effect of the splice unable to be corrected was a developed curvature of the spine and elongated forearms, much like its original ancestors. This allowed for increased speed but only in a quadrupedalism manner. A positive effect of the splice was development of a thick fur making them ideal for the harshest sub-zero temperatures and these primate / human hybrid WALL’s have seen the majority of use in the new polar countries. Pronounced canine teeth and claws were also a by-product of the splice making the WALL able to use its natural defences alongside the usual weapons.   


2215 AD WALL series 2  With two successful WALL experiments being used throughout the world, no further development was deemed cost effective and the WAL programme was terminated on earth. Fortunately, the research continued off world on both mars and the moon with considerable results. With a combined effort, the splicing technology was re-established and further splicing continued in differing levels of gravity. Using indigenous plant and animal DNA from Mars, the hybrid experiments developed a number of attributes useful in these alien environments. The Calastan cuttlefish is common amphibian to Mars after the terraforming proved successful. Initially dormant for millennia, these indigenous creatures were reanimated when Mars sustained water once again. These animals are able to grow up to 15 foot long within the vast lakes of the Tendure crater and now are common place within Mars.   What separated this amphibian from most of its earth cousins was the ability to hunt in different degrees of light. Their eyesight is well adapted to the marine environment due to a tissue called tapetum lucidum. This tissue behind the retina reflects light back to it, thereby increasing visibility in the dark waters. The Series 2 Wall is now able to see in almost any degree of light including total darkness and additionally in almost the entire visual spectrum. Another additional effect from the splice was an epidermis that changed colour instantly dependant on the level of radiation. This automatic response to radiation enables the Wall to withstand fatale levels of any type of radiation for prolonged periods that would kill any other species to date.


Calm be for the storm

The calm before the storm


Looking down on his limbs, the last stages as of thermodynamics were sweeping through his body. 

‘Was it worth it?’

 Consuming muscle and bone, Kasumi could visibly see his body decay in front of him. 

The Omega harness was takin its toll, ‘jack points’ wept and stung and Kasumi could feel his whole nervous system slowly shutting down. 

This was nothing new. Oni-Corp lost players all the time to burnout. 

Kasumi pulled himself up, shook and walked through to the changing rooms. Hearing the chanting and cheers from the arena elevated his mood. Pulling the mask over his helmet, he readied himself for the game. 

The moment his ‘Omega’ kicked in, all ailments dissolved and he felt like the titan he was, an Oni-Corp Blunt.

The game was nothing special; Kasumi has taken three ‘All Stars’ to the floor and it was fast approaching the third quarter. 

Wiping the sweat from his face, he was surprised how fatigued he was feeling considering the pace of the game. He had fought harder games than this! Looking down on his sleeve, he wasn’t that surprised to see he wasn’t sweating. ‘So this is it, the calm before the storm…’ He wiped the blood off his glove on his tunic. 

Kasumi never made the fourth quarter. No blade or injury took his life; his body just gave in to eight years of being ravaged by stimulants. Kasumi slumped to the floor.

Katana skated over protecting her friend and cradled him in her arms. Pushing back his mask, Katana only just managed to make out her comrades last words…’It was’

Clone-Corp Finals

During the 2186 finals between Clone Corp & Valhalla’s Angels, the Angels were leading 6-5 in the fourth quarter.  Number Six of the Clones strapped an outlawed armbrace on before taking to the arena. With all the Clones agreed to get the Slick the Halo in a last attempt to gain an illegal draw, the final quarter proceeded. Taking the Halo from a downed Angel, Six sprinted to the score line. 

Dodging two Blunts defences, the Slick was almost at the line when ‘Hades’ the Valhalla’s Wall swayed into view. Knowing that the brace would hold a snatch for the Halo, Six went for the line. 

8 months later, Six was said to be improving every day and had full use of his new prosthetic arm. To date, its not sure what ‘Hades’ did with the severed limb but the Provincial Council say as WALL’s are not specifically ‘human’, consuming it wouldn’t be classed   cannibalism.


Razerdisk the Ascension

Year 2220

Mankind had been fooled. Thinking they were making a better place to live, Razordisc had replaced war. Peace of sorts had been established globally and a false sense of hope had been found. Populations started to grow slowly and a new world order had been established. 

The games had taken a far more brutal turn with fatalities becoming common place. The more death in the arena, the more people worshiped the sport and their teams. It started subtly with national teams displaying unusual insignias on their armour but became more apparent when strange tech and weapons were bought to the arena. 

Veteran players were idolised and nations became fiercely proud of their teams. The more a player maimed and killed, the more they were worshiped. The more they were worshiped, the more they displayed inhuman abilities on the field. Surpassing even experienced Razordisc players, popular veterans consistently stole the show that could make or break a game. Titans now dominated the arena and the masses oved them for it.

The old ones had been given life once more. Set around earth, Gods stood side by side. The world had become their own arena to watch, influence and be entertained by. Immortals maybe hidden from mankind but their influence was clearly evident. The God’s narcissistic pride swelled at sight of their sacred symbols adorned on their hero’s armours and equipment. Much the same as humanity battling for superiority on the field, the gods did the same in the heavens. 


The Clockmaker

For the most part, Razordisc teams are primarily composed of human players. Some teams however prefer mechanical rather than biological players and this certainly is the case for some team’s ‘Other’.

The quality of automatons depends very much on the teams resources but for those national teams with vast amounts of funding, there is only one man they go to.

The enigmatic Clockmaker will not take any appointment, any face to face negotiation or meeting to discuss what the team purpose. No one other than certain Razordisc judicators have ever come close to a relationship with this man and none would claim to know what he looks like. 

Any team wishing to request such a thing would make their requests known to the Upper league judicators and wait to see if they get a response. Sometimes the request is granted, sometimes it’s refused and on occasions requests are ignored but either way it tends to take a number of months if not years to get a reply.

With a simple automation, the teams would be paying a vast amount . This would give a team a moderately complex programmable machine that is able to defend itself, make minor proactive offence manoeuvres alongside basic short ranged throws and catches. 

In very special cases and with a team willing to spend a small fortune, the Clockmaker will excel at what he does best. 

Some of the more advanced examples of these include the Chinese team Zhanshi Shiren’s ‘Temple Dog’ and the German team Widow Makers ‘Jadg-Hunds’ (3 mechanical hounds)

Both teams have the very best of the Clockmakers creations and fine examples of non-lifeform players.

Razordisc rumour has it that each special creation contains a small amount of the clockmakers DNA infused within the CPU. To date, no team has explored this as to insult the Clockmaker would mean no further support from this curious man and possible repercussions from the Upper League Judicators. 

Sobaka Chelovek / Mutt-Bloods (slang)


Before the W.A.L project, China and Russia made huge advancements in Splice technology. Removing the myostatin gene, humans were able not only to double their muscle mass but also increase their life span by half. Not content to leave it there, scientific boundaries were pushed again when canine DNA was spliced with the super soldiers resulting in powerful hybred humans known as Sobaka Chelovek (Russian name for man-dog).
Although a number of different animals were also tried, most proved unsuccessful due to temperamental issues. The Mutt-Bloods however proved the perfect balance between ability, cunning and compliance.
Although these therianthropes carry little in the way of rights, they are seen as sentient and not pets. They are able to gain work permits and live semi independent lives although require a licenced owner that takes full responsibility for any indiscretion.
Razordisc has proven a popular sport for the Mutt-Bloods and they appear to perform even better when more than one are in a team, known as packing.