The Japanese Empire



The Frozen Empire of Japan. The last resting place of the Emperor of Japan, and the seat of traditional Japanese culture. Stoic and proud, they are not adverse to innovation but stick to a code that many now seen as outdated and a great hindrance to the nation's prosperity. Eco-domes protect the fragile crops of the empire. There are well guarded and a great source of pride for the nation and the Emperor. The palace resides in the largest of these domes. Investigating the rumours that the old yakuza families are running the country end abruptly and often fatal.

Japan and Razordisc

With Japan’s economic growth surpassing many other larger counties, it was held as one of the worlds up and coming superpowers just before the fall. Unfortunatley, not even its vast wealth and military power could assist with the catastrophic events of 2126. Only once before has Japan felt the full force of nature in the ‘Great Kanto Earthquake 1923’ killing over 100’00 people. Now 200 years later, Japan was to feel the full wrath of nature losing half of the country to the sea. Crushed by the ‘Ring of fire’s tectonic plate, the landmass folded upon itself and only northern Japan remained above sea level. With only a couple week’s notice as the poles shifted, the devastation to the country, population and infrastructure was immense with little time to prepare. The country with no hope, called martial law and looked to survive best it could.  Civil war broke out almost immediately as the nation divided both physically and ethically. Those in the north prepared for a mass invasion from southern Japan as the very survival of its people rested on ownership of dry land. The commanders of Japan’s military took to the air and sea heading east to find a larger land mass to settle and take stock of the world. Without the military to protect the innocent, anarchy ensued. Initially law enforcement tried to keep some form of control but with such devastation, the population fell apart. Small pockets of resistance fortified the north holding strong to dwindling castles and old feudal keeps. Without shelter or support, the southern Japanese faltered, starved and drown. Holding on the best they could, Northern Japan prepared for the next invasion. Over the next 20 years, Japan was invaded numerous times but with little in the way of resources, was not viewed as a high priority for scavenging countries. It was long enough for the country to establish itself once again and build from a broken empire. The criminal families started to regain control and this led the way for Japan regaining some form of order albeit under the supervision of the most influential criminal family. Yamaguchi-gumi was the most powerful criminal Japanese family and head of the Yakuza.  Wanting to regain respect from the outside world, they took a governmental position and named themselves Oni-Corp.  With the population slowly regaining strength, research was focused on reinforced environmental suits to endure the harsh environments caused by the polar reveral affect. Winter almost seemed permanent with subzero terpratures commonplace. Snow and ice would cover land and mountain almost all year round and only the trulley hardey flourished. Over many years the radioactivity of Japan has lowered meaning the need for this technology is all but redundant. This did not make the research obsolete as the focus shifted to battle suits to protect the population from global threats. Keen to participate in any global activities and prove its renewed strength, Japan also pledged to build and support a national Razordisc team and so the Oni-Corp team was born.



Japan has always had a strong connection with the kabukimono dating sack to the 1700’s and over the centuries, this criminal syndicate has grown and evolved alongside the country. With an almost symbiotic relationship, her global identity has always tied Japan with the Nobel Samurai and the enigmatic Yakuza. Following the fall, little was left of the old traditions as northern Japan stood back watching the country break, collapse and drown. 

Establishing a hold once again from all the chaos, the Yamaguchi-gumi family (largest of the Yakuza family) laid claim to Hirosaki castle in the Aomori Prefecture and bought about a sense of order once more. 

Over the next 100 years, the families influence strengthened as did her country. Wanting to fit in with the rest of the world, the Yamaguchi-gumi adopted the iconic traditional ways Japan letting the Yakuza identity fall by the side. Rebranding a new name, Oni-Corp now became the backbone of the Japanese Empire, leading in technology, arms and commerce.



Vast wealth and corruption have always followed pharmaceutical companies since medicine was first seen as a valuable commodity but never so much as now. When it was proven in the late 21st century that the cure for cancer and other fatal diseases had been deliberately withheld by these corporations, the World Health Organisation and numerous governments placed sanctions on these medicinal powerhouses.  Pushing back, the average cost of medicines rose tenfold and soon the health of humanity was very much in the hands of these profiteering organisations. Without choice, the pressure was released and the corporations went about business as usual. Uniting under one umbrella, the more influential companies branched into the more unethical research including DNA augmentation, militarising mutations and cloning. With the more unscrupulous countries financially backing these endeavours, this research was suddenly open to the highest bidders causing fear and mistrust around the globe. Just before the fall, those independent pharmaceutical companies merged forming the now Clone-Corp. With such wealth and influence, the corporation easily weathered the worst of the storm brought about by Tuttle and today still stand as one of the leading global pharmaceutical company built on espionage, assassination and blackmail. Although large and powerful, there are rival companies continuously testing and damaging Clone-Corp both financially and physically where they can. You cant get as big and powerful as this without making enemies and Clone-Corp has many..

World of razordisc

Meta Cog's


The Meta-Cog  

Mankind has always been seduced by the thought of psychic phenomenon. People claiming superhuman gifts more often than not were rebuked and dismissed. Yet some still manifested abilities unable to be explained and baffled science. During the Greatest war, investment grew into researching and honing men and women’s latent potential but none more than by the old central European military organisations.   Training the mind to manipulate the body became a science. No-one knows if the near global collapse enhanced the latent potential in people or if the rogue planet influenced the mind but the correlation of greater numbers of psychic humans was certainly on the rise.   Psy-Clone has become the leading arm of Clone-Corp specifically researching and training subjects to focus their psychic abilities over the past eighty years.  So successful was Psy-Clone, that with private military backing, they aggressively splintered from their mother company and now stand alone leading the globe in trained psychic soldiers.   Leaving their parent company gave them much more freedom to enhance their subjects; leading to even greater breakthroughs in the field, but it also left them open to the predation of other companies and powers. Not long after they broke from Clone Corp, they moved their base of operations to the islands of Korsickova, rumours would have it that powerful oligarchs from old Russian money had an influence on the break and the future of Psi-Clone, which some would point to the first all Meta team being of dubious Russian heritage as proof.  Before the Greatest War it was estimated that 1% of the global population had latent psychic abilities. With Psy-Clones radical and invasive procedures, this number of psychics has risen considerably.   Still only around 10% of the world population has opened up their potential and can be classified as Meta-Cog’s but most of these subjects have volunteered through Psy-Clone and work for the corporation.  Those who either escape or are offspring to Psy-Clone ‘employees’ are normally hunted down and either re-employed, re-educated or retired.  The only exception to this is when a Meta gains formal training in the escape from these eventualities is in the limelight, becoming a known  face in either the Razordisc arena or RPM racetracks being one of the more obvious ways. Although unusual to the games, the Meta-Cog’s soon become popular and having the protection of the games almost gives them impunity to even the greatest corporations.   The supposed black ops background and highly secretive nature of Psi-Clones operations, would rather not have investigations into their business on such a public forum, so for the most part, fame is these players protection and they will do anything to keep it.  

The Amygdala Gland  

The amygdala has many roles, one being the storage of emotional events in our memory. Often influenced heavily whilst going through puberty, there has always been a suspected link to young adults displaying latent psychic abilities during these troubling times. Psy-Clone were able to developed and grow this nervous tissue to the point it became a self-sustaining gland and surgically implanted these into willing adolescents. The results were both astonishing and terrifying in equal measure. Dormant and long forgotten abilities manifested exponentially and the subjects would either thrive with their newly developed powers or haemorrhage to the point their brain would liquefy. Tests subjects initially rejected the amygdala gland and would bleed to death around 70% of the time but with more research and better life sustaining drugs, the chances of surviving the surgery is now around 60%. What amazed Psy-Clone scientists the most was the inherited ability to produce the gland in offspring. These non-surgical psychics are far more valuable than their parents as they hold the key to mass producing psychic soldier's but unfortunately, to date all these first generation Meta-cogs are infertile, something Psy-Clone are actively trying to remedy.



2138 AD Birth of the War-enabled Artificial Lifeform experiment (WALL) War-enabled Artificial Lifeform

During the last few years of the War, gene augmentation took a radical turn. Rather than enhance the human body, the Russians mixed different species DNA hoping for a more effective result than the typical super soldiers. Known as the W.A.L project, larger formidable soldiers were being dropped behind enemy lines and changing the tide of many battles. Retired from War, these Goliath's were put to work in the harshest conditions where radioactivity and environments would kill a normal human.   

2196 AD WALL Series 1.8


The WALL has been modified under continuous experimental splicing using a variety of DNA from different animals. The Primatus WALL was created in 2196 AD after successful splicing with Hominoidea DNA. Bringing increased strength from the Great Ape family not only increased the subjects muscle mass but also an increase in raw intelligence.  One unfortunate side effect of the splice unable to be corrected was a developed curvature of the spine and elongated forearms, much like its original ancestors. This allowed for increased speed but only in a quadrupedalism manner. A positive effect of the splice was development of a thick fur making them ideal for the harshest sub-zero temperatures and these primate / human hybrid WALL’s have seen the majority of use in the new polar countries. Pronounced canine teeth and claws were also a by-product of the splice making the WALL able to use its natural defences alongside the usual weapons.   


2215 AD WALL series 2


With two successful WALL experiments being used throughout the world, no further development was deemed cost effective and the WAL programme was terminated on earth. Fortunately, the research continued off world on both mars and the moon with considerable results. With a combined effort, the splicing technology was re-established and further splicing continued in differing levels of gravity. Using indigenous plant and animal DNA from Mars, the hybrid experiments developed a number of attributes useful in these alien environments. The Calastan cuttlefish is common amphibian to Mars after the terraforming proved successful. Initially dormant for millennia, these indigenous creatures were reanimated when Mars sustained water once again. These animals are able to grow up to 15 foot long within the vast lakes of the Tendure crater and now are common place within Mars.   What separated this amphibian from most of its earth cousins was the ability to hunt in different degrees of light. Their eyesight is well adapted to the marine environment due to a tissue called tapetum lucidum. This tissue behind the retina reflects light back to it, thereby increasing visibility in the dark waters. The Series 2 Wall is now able to see in almost any degree of light including total darkness and additionally in almost the entire visual spectrum. Another additional effect from the splice was an epidermis that changed colour instantly dependant on the level of radiation. This automatic response to radiation enables the Wall to withstand fatale levels of any type of radiation for prolonged periods that would kill any other species to date.

Banshee 'Black Lightning'


Banshee ‘Black Lightning’   

The most widely used bike in Razordisc, the Banshee is a robust and fast motorcycle used primarily for pulling teammates around the arena. The rider and bike can still enter combat but are unable to throw or catch the Halo. The bike is therefore not a scoring position but one of tactical importance to manoeuvre its slower players around to score. 

It is powered by a Digital, Aerobic, Vector-Engine bringing bursts of speed and lightning reactions when needed.  This motorbike has changed the tide in many a match but would not fare well against a Wall or other offensive players.   The rider has similar armour to the Slick, being the lightest armoured but most flexible and mobile of the Razordisc players. With only a quarter armoured plates of the Blunt, the rider relies heavily on dexterity to avoid combat. Even the twitch suit beneath their plates is made of a Kavala polymer hybrid to aid traction between skin and suit. For advanced professional teams, the rider can wire themselves to the bike using their ‘Neuroport’ at the base of the skull. This in turn feeds the bioactive Kavala enhancing reflexes. Although giving a superior performance, if rider should be dismounted, the neurological jolt from disengagement from the bike can prolong the player’s recovery from injury.

Better life than life 

 Stuck in a rut? Accomplished everything you want? Life no longer has meaning? Want to live forever?  

Chose ‘Cryo-Tech’ Chose ‘Afterlife’  Where your imagination makes your reality.  

Requires digital pre-death download  Call ‘821821 Afterlife’ for more details.  

Razordisc Armour


The armour of a Razordisc player has almost become a sacred artifact to some.
Keeping original pieces from their fist armoured set is common amongst most Upper League players and although some parts are damaged, they are religiously restored as best they can.
This is impressive when you consider the many games these elite players have endured and survived.
Obviously donning a new suit of armour would be easier and far more economical, players choose instead to keep lucky parts for good fortune in the games.
Typically a player will have a single part that has played a crucial role in a game as their momento, but some more pious players have even been known to keep the full suit.
Those players who lose these items in the arena to damage can be as psychologically damaged as physical and at times this is enough to force retire themselves.
When an Upper League professional retires, the player is able to sell such pieces of armour for a small fortune often lessening the remorse from leaving the game. This practice is rare as most skilled but aged players will keep this artefact to remind them of golden days passed.




Rome, Italy’s capital was once a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture captivating the hearts and minds of its proud people. 

Ancient Colosseums and ruins evoked the power of the former Roman Empire; all but lost through the floods and tectonic shifts of the past two centuries. 

Now a shadow of the former capital, its historical beauty washed away to the sea.  Along with its beauty, the land also fell to the ocean and Mount Vaticanus now sits within a large island with its shores slowly being eaten away. 

Most of Rome was also submerged by the fall but Naples, Genoa, San Marino and Florence still survived forming now what has become a closed state. With their borders closed, only the invited are welcomed.   

Unlike most countries, the Vaticanus net police are made up totally of their own people due to a misguided distrust for outsiders although it’s widely speculated they have something to hide...   Coincidental or not, where the once proud Papal Basilica of St. Peter stood, has led to many breaches in the Dark net. The Vatican has always been suspected of holding historical occult artifacts; some satanic in nature, and to any ancient historians interested in Mount Vaticanus, it’s these unholy relics that have caused the blistering of the net.      

Now the Vatican, home to the forgotten Catholic Church, has lost its religious hold on the world as with all major faiths of the planet.    Mount Vaticanus may have lost its way in the world but was rebuilt with an accidental nod to its historical past. Razordisc arenas and RPM tracks sprawl across the very land its ancestors rode chariots and gladiators took life and death in their stride.  Mount Vaticanus now stands proud as a last Bastian of hope and wealth within old Europe.   

Able to resurrect itself from the flames and floods of the fall, Mount Vaticanus stands proud once more; a leading civilisation akin to the old Roman Empire. It’s rumoured that all professional sports teams across the globe have at one time or another competed in the auditoriums of Vaticanus and the consistent cheers and roars of the arenas would be testament to this.   Racing tracks and Arenas run day and night and it’s very easy for revellers to become disorientated within the city; the bright lights and entertainment push away the darkness of nightfall joining day and night in a seamless passing. 

  ‘Si potes ambulare, vos can partis’ is a common phrase in the city ‘If you can walk, you can party’.  The only place within the new world able to out dazzle Vaticanus would be New Vegas but they would be hard pushed to boast the historical influence old Rome has to offer.



Before the W.A.L project, China made huge advancements in Splice technology. Removing the myostatin gene, humans were able not only to double their muscle mass but also increase their life span by half. 

Not content to leave it there, scientific boundaries were pushed again when canine DNA was spliced with the super soldiers resulting in powerful hybrid humans known as Mutt-Bloods.  

Although a number of different animals were also tried, most proved unsuccessful due to temperamental issues. 

The Mutt-Bloods however proved the perfect balance between ability, cunning and compliance although other spliced animals have been viable.  Although these therianthropes carry little in the way of rights, they are seen as sentient and not pets. They are able to gain work permits and live semi-independent lives although require a licenced owner that takes full responsibility for any indiscretion.  Razordisc has proven a popular sport for the Mutt-Bloods and they appear to perform even better when more than one are in a team, known as packing. 

The anatomy of these spliced humans vary. Some have very little appearance in the way of their animalistic DNA where others have developed pronounced feature of their ancestry.